"Living Your Life On Purpose
Three Powerful Steps to Achieving a Thriving Quality of Life! 


"With expert skill and innovative techniques, Kris Cavanaugh has provided a valuable roadmap to help anyone achieve a thriving quality of life. Simple, focused and very practical, this book is an excellent first step in discovering your most treasured life goals, as well as next steps toward reaching them. I learned a lot about myself from reading this book and recommend it highly."

- Van D Findley, President and Principle Consultant, Vantage Consulting Services, Inc.


"A few months ago I was substituting at your PowerCore Team meeting. You greeted me as I arrived since you were the Visitor Coordinator. As we went around the room and team members were giving their infoMinutes I knew what most people did for a living. A Life Coach? What the heck is a Life Coach? As soon as I had a chance to take some time I went to your website. After reading about your career I "Googled" life coach. After learning more I returned, signed up for your Ezine, then I downloaded your book, "Living your Life on Purpose." Upon reading the book, I made four copies for some friends that seem to be stuck in their life. Getting together for a group outing and listening to some of the trials and tribulations within their lives, I quietly handed a copy to each of them just saying I had read this and thought that perhaps something like this could help them take charge of their life since their lives were running along with them as passengers. Now I am waiting to find out what they thought of the book. Just a little pay it forward for some friends. I am doing a little more research on life coaching and life coaches. I like the idea of being the C.E.O. of My Life." 
- Dan Conroy, President, Conroy & Associates





If you've ever opened your eyes in the morning and internally felt a deep sigh ripple through your body before even getting out of bed because you knew it meant you would have to face a day full of challenges and an ever growing feeling of being overwhelmed with your life, then this book is for you!  In just 62 pages you'll understand what it takes to achieve a thriving quality of life and begin to live your life "on purpose" in order to experience more joy and satisfaction on a regular basis. 


As Van said above, reading this book "is an excellent first step" towards getting the life you want because becoming a C.E.O. of your life is a journey, not a quick trip.  I'm honored to help you begin that trip and look forward to hearing your feedback about the book once you've read it.


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Kris Cavanaugh

C.E.O. Catalyst & Life Coach