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Imagine if…

  • You could manage all types of stress well.
  • Every day was full of amazing possibilities, personally and professionally.
  • You were capable of utilizing little to no effort to achieve your goals.
  • Life typically felt easy and you experienced joy on a regular basis.
  • You could perform effectively regardless of difficult circumstances.
  • You appreciated meaningful challenges and had a high optimism about life.

All of the Above Is Possible When You
Become a Successful “C.E.O. of Your Life!”

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Kris’ unique perspective in her Stuck to C.E.O. program, book and journal is the most down to earth, easy to understand perspectives that I have ever come across. No matter where you are in life, unhappy and struggling, or just wanting a better, more fulfilling life, this book and program address it. As I have gone through the program and read the book, I have learned quite a bit about myself – both strengths and weakness. It is quite eye-opening and forces you to come to terms with who you really are. It all makes sense and is easy to follow. If you are looking for balance in your life, this is the program and book for you.”
– John Simmang, Executive VP, INTOnline

“Stuck to C.E.O.” is a low cost, mini-coaching program for people who want to experience more joy and fulfillment in their life and work, but have been unable to figure out how to make that happen despite many attempts to do so.

In “Stuck To C.E.O.” you will journey through a five step process to begin cultivating a C.E.O. mindset which will help you boldly take back control of every area your life, resulting in a greater sense of freedom and joy, personally and professionally. The “Stuck To C.E.O.” Journal is designed to help you work through the book in a structured way that promotes deeper insights.

To begin your journey in becoming a successful “C.E.O. of Your Life,” use the PayPal purchase link below to order your autographed book and PDF journal: 

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“Kris is an amazing wonder. She has really transformed my life, allowing me to shift what was a high revving engine stuck at 75 in 3rd gear, to a much more manageable 80 in 6th. Much like this example, Kris brings efficiency to each aspect of inner engines. She balances all pieces and allows things to move with greater fluidity – adding lubrication to stuck areas and fuel to already firing synapses. She does it all with an aplomb and professional, yet friendly and fun-loving demeanor. Her work in helping me align my goals, needs, wants and more has been monumental already – and I expect will continue to grow, expand and evolve. Thank you Kris! I encourage anyone reading this recommendation to act now – not wait 2 years like I did – and hire Kris”
– Andy “Google Me” Greider, owner of Marketing Pedagogy

Kris is amazing. I asked Kris for a few moments of her time to help me talk through a situation I was going through. Inside of 30 minutes, through a series of questions and answers, we developed a practical strategy for managing the state of overwhelm so that I can move forward with a clear mind and make the decisions that need to be made. If she can do that in a half hour, I can’t help but think what an hour would do!!! Thanks, Kris!”
– Rick Meekins, owner of Aepiphanni Business Solutions

The lady is full of energy – no doubt about it. She also knows well, what she is talking about. Insighful, thought provoking, and challenging: Kris will make you work as hard as she does to make the changes you want to see happen.”
– Scott Brown, V.P. at Presidential Financial

Kris has practical and experiential knowledge as well as high energy in all the right places.”
– Claire Horner, Staff Therapist, CCFRC,

“Kris is absolutely dedicated to her clients’ success. Whatever is holding you back, she can help you analyze your strengths, overcome any concern and have you driving your life in the direction of success. She is trustworthy and skillful in her coaching process and you may be surprised to see just what has been holding you back!”

– Cyndi Simmons, former client.

About Kris (Cavanaugh) Castro

Kris (Cavanaugh) Castro is the owner of Shift Inc., and a Speaker, Author, and Coach specializing in helping others cultivate a C.E.O. mindset in every area of their life so their businesses, careers, and personal lives thrive. She is an expert strategist with an amazing ability to pull her clients through difficult challenges to obtain the life they truly want personally and professionally. If you have a desire to live your life “on purpose” so you wake up every day excited about the possibilities and maintain an unwavering belief that you will overcome any obstacles to achieve your personal and professional goals more easily and consistently, Kris would be a wonderful resource for you to connect with to make that happen.

To set up a complimentary “Coffee & Conversation” meeting to learn more about how Kris Can help you fast-track your goals, click here:  Coffee and Conversation.