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Book Description:

In the Summer of 2018 Kris was invited on an Abraham-like adventure with the Lord. After several Gideon-style conversations, Kris realized she was being called into a new and radical level of trust in her relationship with Him. That “Crazy” road trip was exactly what she needed to step into her destiny for the next season of her life.

After driving over 12,000 miles across the U.S. (11K in 3-months!), speaking at 23 Celebrate Recovery groups, posting all the God stories on her blog throughout her journey, and stopping at family and friends along the way, Kris is so thankful she said “YES” to the Lord.

The whole trip was Holy Spirit led with amazing Holy Spirit provision every time she needed a place to stay or money to cover gas, bills, and expenses! Living “one day at a time” (and sometimes one hour!) has been the best decision she ever made!

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