Imagine if your small group, church, ministry or donor base was FREE FROM FINANCIAL ANXIETY, allowing them to serve the Lord and give abundantly WITHOUT having to look at their checkbooks!!

If you think it’s crazy to have your  organization move into this type of experience, I promise you it isn’t! I went through a long season of supernatural provision where every financial need was met – no matter how large – all because the Lord honored my decision to trust Him by increasing my tithe amount and giving opportunities – despite not having any steady income for three years!


Through that experience I discovered, no matter how much I give financially to others, I CAN’T OUT GIVE GOD!!

The freedom I’ve received from my abundance mindset giving journey has ushered in a tangible “peace that passes understanding” (Philippians 4:7) in EVERY AREA of my life!!

If you and your group are interested in being set free from financial anxiety to serve God more effectively, prayerfully consider joining this 90-Day “I Can’t Out Give You God Challenge”. All it requires is a humble heart surrendered to the Lord, and a willingness to step into a deeper level of faith with Him.

For those who lead churches or ministry organizations….Imagine what your congregations and ministries would be like if the people who supported you weren’t anxious about paying their bills because they really trusted that the Lord would provide what they needed? That mindset would open up more freedom to give from a place of abundance based on what the Lord told them to give, rather than what they felt they could give according to their checkbook balance. :)

Here’s one testimony from a group that completed the challenge recently (more testimonies are below):

“God has been powerfully moving in my life lately, not just in finances. And for the first time in my life I’m NOT worried about money. God’s got it.  When I catch myself stepping into old habits of worrying about upcoming bills, I pray and tell Jesus how much I need and by when, and let it go. A big step for me!  As I was falling asleep the other night I got glimpses of exactly how it feels to be so connected to Christ, that all fear and anxiety is easy to let go of, recognizing the same old boring enemy, so weak compared to our Lord Jesus. He gives such beautiful gifts! I’m LOVING the challenge journey! I can’t believe how stressed I was, always, about money, and I don’t even think about it much at all now! Taking the first leap was huge, then upping it this month through the Challenge has been so freeing!Kate Catlin, Owner of

Challenge Overview

During the Challenge, everyone will commit to surrendering their finances to the Lord for 90-days. Before the Challenge begins, everyone will prayerfully ask the Lord what “faith-stretching” dollar amount to give on Day 1 – without knowing how much they will make or what expenses they may incur. Then when Day 1 arrives, everyone will distribute the entire amount the Lord told them to give to whomever He told them to give to (church, nonprofits, ministries, neighbors, friends, etc – or any combination of those!).

On Day 31 everyone will increase their giving total by a specific amount (the Lord will provide that amount before the challenge begins) and repeat the distribution process. On Day 61 they will increase their giving again and distribute it once more….trusting the Lord to fill in any financial gaps that occur from month to month.

Finally, on Day 90, the challenge will wrap up with transformed hearts and minds, trusting more deeply in Jehovah Jireh, and walking out an abundance lifestyle from that point forward as they listen to the Lord rather than looking at their checkbooks.

It’s a virtual challenge, so feel free to invite family and friends across the globe. Consider having your younger children and youth participate too so they can learn how to live from a godly abundance mindset which will set them up for an amazing life with the Lord for decades to come!

This is a Kairos moment for you and your group to FINALLY be set free from Financial Anxiety, and access new levels of peace as you rest in the Lord’s abundance in every area of your life!

“Throughout the challenge, I landed several clients I wasn’t expecting and received two checks from people who surprised me with a financial blessing. God is continuing to bring awaking to my understanding of how BIG He is.  Thanks, Kris, for leading us down the wonderful path to freedom from financial anxiety!  Papa God is continuing to show me the way to give and to receive at His direction. I am more in tune with His abundance than ever. I hope that I will be even more extravagant as each week goes by …trusting Him for ALL things.”– Bill Blane, New Gates LLC
“During this Challenge My Father wants me to know that I can trust Him to always be there.  It led me on a journey of what I thought I knew about faith, which was barely the surface. I now have a deeper understanding of faith and its power. I have had several instances of money “showing up” in my bank account unexpectedly. God is a Miracle Worker! And through that new level of faith, I was able to financially help a woman in my community who was at risk of being evicted because she hasn’t been able to work since the COVID outbreak. Prior to this, I would have felt helpless or hard-pressed to help because I was focusing more on my needs.”  – Kileha Holder, Faith In LIFE

Frequently Asked Questions

Why 90 Days? Most people create monthly or quarterly financial budgets which include tithes, offerings, and donations. In order to truly experience the Lord’s faithfulness during this challenge, it was important to have three giving experiences (two of which are giving increases) so that you would have multiple opportunities to take a financial faith-risk, and watch the Lord honor it. A lady who went through the challenge said this about the 90 days: “It sounds like it’ll be long, but it gives you the opportunity to completely change your mindset and the ability to create new money habits from the inside out.”

What Can You Expect? If you commit to the challenge and follow the program, you are positioned to have a transformational experience over 90-days, leading to inner peace which will set you free from financial anxiety and positively affect every area of your life!

Who Should Join? This program is for anyone who struggles when writing out tithe checks (due to anxiety about where else that money could be used to pay bills) or anyone who cringes anytime someone asks you to donate to a ministry or non-profit organization. The Lord wants us to be cheerful givers (2 Cor 9:6-7), trusting He will always fill in the gaps when you honor him financially. This 90-day challenge will help you shift from anxiety to “cheerful” and open up many blessings to you along the way.

What if I miss a day? Missing a day of following the program materials here and there is fine. The most important part of the challenge is once a month when you are to distribute your giving, or increase your giving and distribute it. As long as you do your best to follow the daily routine, and honor the giving days, you’ll be right on track to complete the program well.

What’s Next?  1) Contact Kris Castro at 770-715-5633 or Kris @ to discuss having your group participate in this transformational experience.

STILL ON THE FENCE? Here’s another testimony for you!  :)

“We’re on a very tight budget and finances have been difficult, so we’ve been only buying essentials. In past years my Mom and I have always gone to the local nursery to purchase cherry tomato plants. Planting and growing them has always brought Mom great joy, but this year we weren’t able to do so. We also had hoped to buy some fresh berries at the grocery store because we love them – but when the grocery ad came out they were too expensive so we did without. The thought of not having tomatoes or berries this summer made us very sad, but we decided to count all the blessings we did have and focus on those instead. Then, a few days later, our neighbor emailed us with a note that said ‘Hi Ladies! We have way too many tomato starts for our garden, and I need to get rid of some in order to make room. Would you be interested in a few of the plants? They’re cherry tomatoes. Also, I have a ton of fresh raspberries from our vines and am afraid they’re going to go bad before we can eat them. Would you like some?’ As we finished reading the email, all we could do was smile, look up and say “THANK YOU PAPA!” We now have 3 GORGEOUS tomato plants and we’ve stuffed ourselves with berries…and it didn’t cost a penny! God never fails us, and He never overlooks anything.” – Carrie Pierce

I look forward to having you join me on this exciting and fun journey!  Call or email me to get started.

~Kris Castro
Kris @ BeginToShift .com