Is This You ?

Shift programs are customized so our clients successfully achieve their long-term goals or objectives.

Exec Coaching female

Even though we can work with almost anyone who is aligned with our core values, our ideal clients tend to be:

  • Female
  • In a Professional or Ministry Leadership Role
  • Age 40-60
  • Have a deep and active relationship with Jesus (or want one)
  • Struggling to experience “more” of what you desire
  • Looking to restore or develop joy and peace in the journey to get there
  • Transitioning between “what was” and into the unknown

We help them achieve Results, Relief and Restoration which leads to Joy, Fulfillment and Impact throughout their life, work and ministry.

In addition to Speaking, Coaching, Training, and Facilitation services, Shift Inc. also offers ministry opportunities such as Inner Healing sessions (“love offering” ministry gifts accepted or “free” if unable to financially contribute).

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For team services, we often work with organizations having 20 or more employees who are purpose-driven and desire to have more impact within their sphere of influence.