Naked” prompts a multitude of images and feelings depending on who you ask.  What I mean by “naked” is not one’s physicality, but rather the raw truth of who you are as you journey through the personal and professional storms of your life. 

When you are comfortable being “naked” in any situation, you then have the unique ability to stand firm like an old oak tree, weather any circumstance well, and remain productive and effective in the moment despite your circumstances.

Within the pages of this book you’ll discover:

– what “naked” looks like
– the power of being “naked”
– ten “naked” qualities
– three challenges you must overcome to stand “naked” more easily

You’ll also have an opportunity to develop your “naked” qualities through a number of exercises that will support you to produce more consistent results and become more effective in your life and work.

This book is applicable to anyone in any stage of life, but business owners and executives will especially find it valuable because they experience “storms” on a fairly regular basis due to the variety and intensity of their work and personal responsibilities.

If you enjoyed Stuck to C.E.O. (www.StuckToCEO.com) which was written to help people take back control of their personal and professional life through developing a C.E.O. mindset in every area of their life, you’ll enjoy Standing Naked in the Storm as the next step in that journey.

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