Partnering with God to Receive Your Blessings
A VIP Day Program for Individuals and Groups

If you are like most people, you have every intention of prioritizing the important people in your life, carving out regular time to spend with the Lord, stewarding the resources He gave you for Kingdom impact, and accomplishing the personal/professional goals you are passionate about, along with a strong desire to live out the purpose the Lord has for you…BUT, life, work, and challenging situations seem to keep interfering with your intentions.

You may even be in a season of extreme difficulty where you are questioning the Lord’s goodness and wondering why He isn’t answering your prayers about the promises He gave you long ago (I’ve been there, so I completely get it!).

Regardless of what season you are in, the Lord truly does desire to bless you and enlarge your territory just like Jabez (1 Chron 4:9-10) so you can receive the inheritance He always planned for you to have (Habakkkuk 2:3)  – even if it doesn’t feel like it right now within your current circumstances.

If you are thinking, “I don’t even know what my Territory is, never mind enlarging it,” or wondering “What does my inheritance even look like?” then this VIP Day program will be a wonderful opportunity for you to clarify and claim the Territory and promises the Lord has for you.

Interested in learning more?  Check out the testimony below then read through the program information below that. And if you want more information, watch the video of a client testimony at the bottom of this webpage.

Click on the “Apply Now” button to schedule a complimentary meeting to make sure we’re a good fitThis program can also be altered for a group to journey through over a weekend retreat or during a one-day event with a virtual prep call beforehand.

Before I started the Program, I had given up on making goals for my life. I had a lot of trauma centered around my career, and finishing just about anything was something I unconsciously avoided. My business was stalled, and many areas of my life were on auto pilot, and not increasing. So many times, I had tried to make goals and had everything fall apart or been taken from me just when I was starting to succeed, and I had a lot of baggage around that. This was all before I got with Jesus in the Spring of 2019.

Almost immediately, I could tell that the way Kris has the Program laid out was exactly what I needed to show me again how to have goals that I could achieve, but allowing Holy Spirit to guide me—that was the missing piece. The Program approached from several different directions, giving my mind lots of different particles to accepting clarity.

I'm still going over the work Kris and I did together on my VIP day, and the breakthroughs keep coming! Areas of my life where I'm having major progress right now include my feeling of being supported by God, my ability to make goals and achieve them honestly with so much less work than I expected, my physical and mental health practices, time management, and my relationships. I've already had some profound mindset shifts, and as I continue to practice the things I learned from Kris and Holy Spirit, more are coming. It's intense, but exactly what I needed to break through some really tough barriers.    

The time and money investment for this program are worth it. I spent several years in therapy and didn't break through as much as I did in the one day I spent working with Kris! I have material to work on that will last me for a very long time, as well.

Kate Catlin, Owner of 3 Fold Art Company

What is a VIP Day Program?

t is an exclusive event – just for you! In this program you’ll spend a day working 1:1 with me to focus on discovering the Lord’s plans within your sphere of influence as well as the blessings He desires to give you in this next season of your life, in addition to setting up your life in a way that honors your most precious relationships.

Why Invest In A VIP Day?

The benefit of an entire day focused on you is to dig deeply into what the Lord is currently doing and what He plans on doing within your sphere of influence to ensure you actually gain momentum to claim and capture the Territory He planned on giving you long before you were born.

VIP Word With Fireworks Shows Celebrity Or Millionaire Party

What will you experience during a VIP Day?

A possibility-rich environment designed to be filled with laughter, encouragement, affirmation, and creative strategic planning to lay a solid foundation for maximum Kingdom impact, personally and professionally!

During your VIP Day program you will:

  • Have an uninterrupted timeframe focused solely on YOU to meet with the Lord through facilitated conversations and exercises in order to allow the Holy Spirit to support you in clarifying and claiming your rightful territory, and creating a strategic plan to capture and maintain that territory — to finally achieve the results your heart desires!
  • Complete a variety of exercises to uncover gaps in knowledge or development needed to achieve your goals
  • Discover the mindsets and behaviors that serve you well and align with your strategic plan, and develop new mindsets and behaviors for those that do not to ensure steady progression from month to month
  • Brainstorm to find ways to fast-track your progress
  • (optional) Life Purpose Meeting: Create a tangible Life Purpose Statement to ensure every area of your life is aligned with your purpose in order to enhance your overall personal and professional fulfillment and joy more consistently

You would be a great fit for this program if:

  • You are serious about making a commitment to the Lord and to yourself, and won’t settle for less than a deeply fulfilling and satisfying life and business/career that is designed for Kingdom impact.
  • Regardless of your circumstances, you are very motivated to face and overcome any obstacles that have been holding you back from the long-term results you are seeking.
  • You are dedicated and open to discussing and implementing internal / external changes needed to get the results you want
  • You desire more freedom and joy in every area of your personal and work life, and are willing to work hard to make it happen
  • You are courageous and willing to take a leap of faith to invest in your future, trusting that the investment you make today will positively impact your tomorrows to come.

Watch the client testimony video below!

Scroll down to review an outline of the full program or click the “Apply Now” button to schedule a conversation to learn more.

Application Submission

I am not the right coach for everyone and I am too full of integrity to let you make an investment in a program without ensuring we are a good fit. After reviewing your VIP Day application, we’ll set up a 20-30 minute conversation to confirm we are both comfortable working together and discuss the program details. At the end of the meeting if we agree we’re a good fit, we’ll schedule your VIP day at the first available opportunity that coordinates with both our schedules.

Full-Day Program Overview

Prep Call = Laying the Groundwork for the VIP Day

  • Before scheduled call, you will complete a few  exercises and assessments which we will review at this meeting
  • During our call we will clarify an outline of your customized VIP agenda, with the flexibility to allow the Holy Spirit to lead us in different directions based on our conversations throughout the day
  • At the end of our call you will be given additional assessments and a homework assignment to prepare for your VIP Day experience.

**Optional Life Purpose Meeting: A life purpose statement is an important tool to experience a deeper sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in every area of your life more consistently. This 2-Hour phone meeting will be scheduled before our VIP day so we can use that statement as a foundation for all our conversations. If you would like to create a Life Purpose Statement as an additional add-on to your VIP program to support the legacy you want to create throughout your lifetime, let me know.

VIP Full-Day ScheduleThe agenda below is an estimated outline of what we will cover, however the program is designed to be Holy Spirit led.  Throughout the day we’ll be asking the Lord for information and listening for the Holy Spirit to move us forward in the way the Lord leads – because He knows what you need and in what order you need it.  Whatever we don’t get to during the actual VIP day time-frame, we’ll cover during the follow up meetings.

  • Module 1 (Joshua 18:3) = Clarifying and Claiming Your Territory and Inheritance from the Lord
    – Creating a Vision for the Future You Desire
  • Module 2 (James 4:10) = Owning Who You Are
    – Understanding Your Personality Profile, Time & Stress Management skills, and Spiritual Gifts to step out more powerfully in your life and work
    – Completing a SWOT Analysis to determine the internal and external factors which may affect the success you are seeking
  • Module 3 (Deuteronomy 11:22-24a) = Capturing Your Territory
    – Session 1: Overcoming the Obstacles to Your Success
    – Session 2: Crafting a Goal-Achievement Plan
  • Module 4 (Psalm 16:5-6) = Maintaining Your Territory
    – Create an ideal week and setting up godly boundaries to keep what you capture over your lifetime
  • Module 5 = Finalize Plan & Wrap-Up

Follow Up Meetings (for individual programs only):

  • 2 additional accountability meetings (30 minutes each) over the next 30 days to discuss challenges and stay on track to ensure progress towards your long-term goals
  • VIP Gift: One additional 30-minute “Just in Time” meeting which can be scheduled as needed anytime within 60-days of VIP program completion to discuss emergency situations or challenging circumstances.

VIP Day Benefits Include:

  • A tangible road map of tasks to progress towards your long-term goals to honor the Lord and the most important people in your life
  • As your coach, mentor and guide, I’ll be your accountability partner throughout your VIP program to keep you inspired, motivated and ensure you stay on track.  I’ll also be facilitating conversations between you and Lord to hear what He is saying with regards to your questions and concerns.
  • Gaining a deep sense of freedom because by the end of the program you will have gained insight and revelation rather than feeling frustrated and stuck in your circumstances or confused about how to move forward
  • Building more loving and supportive relationships through having intentional conversations and proactively developing those important relationships
  • Improved stress and time management skills to more easily maneuver through anything life throws at you
  • Increased conviction in your ability to journey through the change process more easily
  • Clarity around the mindsets and behaviors you need to let go of, and the new behaviors and mindsets you need to embrace and develop in order to create the future you desire
  • The ability to live your life with less regrets, because you will be making good choices in the moment with the information you have to stay on track with your goals
  • More regular time for YOU because you are consciously managing your schedule in a way that honors yourself and the Lord, in addition to the people you love
  • Improved thinking and decision making skills
  • A safe environment to discover new options and perspectives, and clarify what really matters in your life and work

Investment (Group and Individual Options):


  • Pay in Full Discount ($200 discount) = $1297 (this non-refundable option is only available to those who “Invest Today”)
  • Regular Investment = $1497  50% Deposit of $748.50 (non-refundable) then $748.50 balance due 7 days before VIP meeting
  • 3-Payment Option: $533 Deposit (non-refundable) then $533 two weeks later, and $533 final balance due 7 days before VIP meeting

Add On Options:

  • Life Purpose Meeting add-on:  $225
  • VIP Day Location:  In person or on Zoom video

Groups / Conferences / Retreats: 

  • $ TBD – Depends on the # of people (and the event location if done on site). Give me a call to discuss it  :)  We can also host it on Zoom as well.

Questions? Feel free to call me or email me.

I look forward to working with you!

~Kris Castro , P.C.C.
Kris @ BeginToShift .com