Playing A Bigger Game!


On September 24th and 25th my husband, Danny, and I attended a workshop called The Bigger Game which was facilitated by Amy Filipek (co-owner of Impact Training and Development).  I’ve known Amy for almost two years through the GCA (Georgia Coaches Association).  During that time Amy spoke alot about The Bigger Game workshop and I was thrilled to finally work it out so that Danny & I could go.  

Here’s an overview of what The Bigger Game is all about which I copied from their website:  “We believe that we are each born with an innovative spirit, and that we each possess the unique ability to create positive change in our lives. The Bigger Game is based on the belief that we all hunger for a fulfilling life — a life filled with meaning and purpose — for ourselves and for the people around us. The challenge, though, is that many of us don’t know how to access our innovative spirit. Playing a Bigger Game shows us how.” 

I love the idea of playing a bigger game – which is essentially a determined choice to actively find opportunities to grow and reach your full potential in every area of your life.   People who “play a bigger game” tend to organically attract success and experience more joy and fulfillment over a lifetime.   Not only that, but once people make “playing a bigger game” a natural part of their life, they are not afraid of failing because they know failure is often a part of the success cycle.

Each person in the workshop I attended had a different reason for being there.  Some wanted to play a bigger game with a part of their personal life.  Some wanted to play a bigger game with an aspect of their professional life.  Danny & I choose to “play a bigger game” with our businesses during the workshop (FYI – Danny’s business is Cavanaugh Designs, and he does design work for corporate, non-profit, and individual clients across the country). 

Over those two days we learned the definition of each of the nine squares on The Bigger Game board which include:

Comfort Zones  
Compelling Purpose  
Bold Action  

By understanding each individual square we were able to see how they are all interconnected, and walked through the game with a deeper awareness of what needed to happen to achieve the goals and dreams we had for every area of our personal and professional life.  My favorite part about the workshop was watching everyone who was there develop a deeper confidence that their “bigger game” would indeed be successful if they committed to it over the long run.

If you are at a place in any area of your life where you feel stuck or are confused about how to move forward, I would seriously recommend attending The Bigger Game workshop.  These workshops are held all over the world.  To see when one might be coming to your neighborhood, click here:  The Bigger Game Workshop Dates & Locations.

Amy Filipek is hosting The Bigger Game workshop in the metro-Atlanta area on November 12th and 13th.  If you are interested in attending, give her or her partner, Nancy, a call at (770) 449-5350 to register (I told Amy I was so impressed with the workshop I would be sharing the information with everyone I knew, so please mention my name when you talk to them).

As 2009 is coming to a close start thinking about what you want 2010 to look like for your personal and professional life.  Consider “playing a bigger game” and make an investment in yourselfBy choosing to do so you will definitely set yourself up for more success over your lifetime!!

Enjoy the rest of your day, and don’t forget to keep your eyes open for all the amazing possibilities within and around you!


Kris Cavanaugh
C.E.O. Catalyst & Life Coach
Kris Cavanaugh is a C.E.O. Catalyst & Life Coach with Shift Inc. ( Her passion is to empower people with the ability to take back control of their lives and successfully overcome any obstacles to achieve a “Thriving” quality of life more consistently, personally and professionally. Kris believes the foundation for this begins by taking on a C.E.O. mindset in both the personal and professional aspects of their lives. If you would like more information about how to achieve a thriving quality of life, click on the following link to learn how to receive a copy of her E-Book at no charge: “Living Your Life On Purpose – Three Powerful Steps to Achieve a Thriving Quality of Life.”