Challenges....We all have them - that's a given.

What you may not realize is HOW you work through those challenges directly relates to the overall satisfaction and joy you feel on regular basis, and your ability to journey through those challenges well.

In everyone’s professional and personal life, we’ve all consciously and unconsciously developed a variety of default patterns which determine how we act, think and react in various situations, and towards different types of people.

Some of those default patterns serve us well and others definitely do not.

Developing enhanced default patterns gives people an edge in both life and work to support them in functioning more effectively in most situations and so they can maneuver through challenges more easily….leading to more success and fulfillment throughout their lifetime.

And when you combine those new default patterns with the Power of the Holy Spirit, you become a force to be reckoned with!

The reason I named my company SHIFT is this:  When people are in a season of uncertainty, striving towards an important goal, or struggling through a difficult situation it often requires internal and external “shifts” to get to the other side of it.

Those “Shifts” don’t happen by accident….a person has to actually CHOOSE to journey through their particular situation in a new way, and it often requires a number of mindset shifts, action shifts, behavior shifts, and decision shifts as you partner with the Lord each step of the way.

I promise you, I know this to be absolutely true…because I’ve gone through many difficult challenges (professionally and personally) which required a “SHIFT” in my actions, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and decisions to overcome them as I surrendered the entire situation to the Lord – trusting Him to work it out for my good in His perfect timing.

Since opening my business in 2007, I’ve supported over numerous Marketplace and Ministry Leaders through my coaching and training programs….and for the most part we have a lot of fun doing it! [Check out the testimonies on my website here: Client Testimonies.

The ultimate reward when you choose to SHIFT is new levels of intimacy with the Lord, a more fulfilling and productive life, enriched relationships, increased ambition, the ability to align personal values and priorities with ease in every area of your life, and a deepening of self-understanding …..All of which leads to a tremendous feeling of Personal Freedom.

Shift™ Inc. holds high standards of integrity, excellence, sincerity, and honesty which are the four cornerstones that lay the foundation for every possibility-rich environment designed to be filled with laughter, encouragement, and affirmation, leading to endless professional and personal growth opportunities.

I look forward to supporting you however I can!


Kris Castro, P.C.C.