“Thriving Life Interview Series”

Imagine feeling fulfilled and satisfied in EVERY area of your life!!

If after reading the above statement you think I’m crazy,
I know you’ll enjoy the Thriving Life Interview Series.

People who have become successful C.E.O.s of their life don’t think I’m crazy. They know the reward of taking thoughtful steps in each of their 12 life areas to increase fulfillment and satisfaction. As a Coach my passion is to help everyone around me experience the THRIVING quality of life that’s the result of cultivating a C.E.O. mindset in both their personal and professional life. The “Thriving Life” tele-series was created to help you examine each area of your life, improve the areas you are not satisfied with, and find new ways to further increase your fulfillment in the areas that are already going well.

Thanks to each Life Expert for the time they spent during their hour long interviews giving us very valuable information, and also for the special offers they provided for everyone that attended live. 

Download a PDF with the Expert Names & Website links here: Thriving Life Interview Series Experts

#1:  Health: Physical  — So What if I Eat a Twinkie and Don’t Exercise — It’s Not That Bad, IS IT? “

#2:  Career: Whatever You Get Paid Regularly To Do – Managing Your Career

#3:  Home: The Place Where You Live (Atmosphere & Location) – There’s No Place Like ‘An Organized’ Home!

#4:  Appearance: The Way You Look (Body, Hair, Clothes, etc.)

a) “Beauty – Is It Only Skin Deep?
b) “You, The Brand!

#5:  Money: Your Financial Situation
Money, Money, Money!”

#6:  Fun & Leisure: The Things You Want to Do
Traveling for the Health of It!

#7:  Personal Development: Improving Yourself in Some Way
Personal Development / Personal Vision

#8:  Service: The Time or Money You Give to Help Others
Volunteering: Not Just an Act of Kindness, But a Way of Life!

#9:  All four of these life areas are going to be addressed by one Expert Speaker:

Relationship – Typically your spouse/partner/significant other
Family – Immediate & extended family
Friends – Acquaintances and good friends
Health – Mental

The Power of Questions Can Shut You Down, Open Your Soul, or Trip Your Curiosity!

#10:  Spiritual: Your Beliefs About Humankind’s Existence & Purpose
Unmasked – Let Your Life Reflect the Faith That Resides Within You!

With this series you receive 10 One-Hour interviews with a variety of experts who provide a wealth of information to help you thrive in EVERY life area.

Normally $49.99.

Now only $29.99 for TEN 1-Hour Interviews. 
That’s only $2.99 per interview!!  YOU CAN’T BEAT THAT!!!

**The Career Interview alone has enough tips & resources to cover the price of the whole series**

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Kris (Cavanaugh) Castro