Kris (Cavanaugh) Castro is committed to your growth and ambitions!
When you set a goal, it becomes hers as well!  Set up a “Coffee & Conversation” meeting today to chat in more detail about how Kris can help you achieve your short and long-term goals.


Before starting Kris’ program everything looked like it was going well, but internally I felt stuck.  Somehow I couldn’t to take the steps needed to realize the business dream (which required a change in business model) I have had for over ten years.  I wanted to feel passionate about my work, knew I needed help and started working with Kris. My only expectation from the program was that I would see enough improvement by the end of six months so that I felt like I got a good return on this investment.  Today was my last call of the six month program and I would not have guessed that such incredible improvement could be made in such a short period of time.  I got unstuck!!!  I got my passion back!!!  I got the spark again that was suppressed for a long time!! Working with Kris provided me with an unbiased and trained professional who created the space to focus on my goals.  It really helped that she never told me what I should do and allowed me to find the conclusions myself within a professional framework.  I always felt in control and that I had the ability to find the answers within myself.  This was very empowering.  I’ve begun working on my goals for next year.  The best thing is that I’m very excited to get started on this next phase and achieve even more in the next six months.  Thank you Kris!!

Christi CanoConsultant

“Kris’ coaching program has helped me examine the things in my life that are important in order to re-align my actions to be more consistent with conscientiously maintaining a values-centered life.  This program has provided me with a framework to hold myself accountable for living my best life possible and given me an opportunity to regularly prioritize what is important to me so I can align my actions to achieve my personal and professional goals.

Alicia SegarsRestaurant Owner

“I was not getting anywhere with my writing and struggling to finish my first novel. After investing in Kris’ program, I joined three writing critique groups to better my manuscript. I am also attending conferences and learning how to hone my craft. I am no longer afraid to ask for guidance. I learned that I am worth having the confidence and esteem necessary, and that with a little hard work and soul searching, I can do what I set my mind to do.”

Cindy PopeAuthor

I am a true believer that people come into our lives for a reason. Kris has allowed me to look at my life personally and professionally and prioritize what is important to me. Her expertise, kindness and compassion are a recipe for success and I would like to officially recommend Kris if you are interested in becoming CEO of your own life!

Amy Conmy,Sales Manager

For a long time I put off the notion of hiring an Executive Coach, even though there are many books and professionals that swear by it. When I decided to hire Kris, it was an easy decision. She is one of the most positive people I know and from initial strategy discussions to coaching calls; she had questions and solutions that were completely out-of-the-box. I admire how she can take a problem and break it down to a process. Process is something I am excellent at in business, but she has helped me see how I can apply it to my personal life as well.

Todd NielsenCEO, Decision Systems Plus, Inc.

I worked with Kris for only 2 sessions. She was able to quickly sort through my muddled thought process and pin point the main issue I had difficulty identifying, she then helped me to set a schedule that was practical and would help me to achieve my goals. I also read her book “Stuck to CEO” and did the exercises. They were extremely helpful in gaining insight and overcoming the negative thoughts that get in the way of success. I highly recommend Kris if you are seeking a coach to help get you from where you are to where you want to be!

Audrey FilardiOwner, Full Circle Wellness LL

One of our IT Managers referred Kris to us as a speaker for our Women of AT&T luncheon. Her interactive presentation proved to be very insightful and valuable to everyone in the room. Several employees thanked me afterwards for inviting Kris to speak and suggested we have her come back for another event. I would highly recommend Kris to any company seeking to motivate their employees to be their best because she has a natural way of helping them “connect the dots” and providing strategic tools to make it happen.

Theresa SprallingSenior Associate Director of Training, AT&T

I hired Kris for a Strategy Meeting to help me transition more effectively from an employee role into a business owner role. During that meeting Kris helped me gain more clarity around the challenges I was facing and guided me in creating tangible solutions to step out more powerfully in my work and life. By the time the meeting was done I felt more confident about how to proceed and much more certain that I could create the long-term success I desired.”

Larry MegugoracOwner, Source Point Associates

I have had the opportunity to work with Kris over the past few months and I am thrilled to note the progress I have made both professionally and personally. I am part owner in a family business and I have had many challenges to work through (as any business owner). Kris has helped me become more proactive in all my challenges and has taught me tools to become a more effective and productive business person! I highly recommend Kris and look forward to continued relationship with her.”

Jill DelValleVice President, Lincoln Family Group

Kris is an amazing wonder. She has really transformed my life, allowing me to shift what was a high revving engine stuck at 75 in 3rd gear, to a much more manageable 80 in 6th. Much like this example, Kris brings efficiency to each aspect of inner engines. She balances all pieces and allows things to move with greater fluidity – adding lubrication to stuck areas and fuel to already firing synapses. She does it all with an aplomb and professional, yet friendly and fun-loving demeanour. Her work in helping me align my goals, needs, wants and more has been monumental already – and I expect will continue to grow, expand and evolve. Thank you Kris! I encourage anyone reading this recommendation to act now – not wait 2 years like I did – and hire Kris.”

Andy GreiderOwner of Marketing Pedagogy

We invited Kris to participate in our Annual Staff Meeting to present on the topic of “Stress and Time Management.” Leading up to the presentation-during the planning process-she communicated well. Her delivery was excellent and she communicated well with our team. After Kris’ presentation many of our team members came to me affirming the value they found in the training. She was well prepared for her presentation, yet exhibited flexibility to meet the needs of the audience. Her presentation was interactive. She asked great questions, listened well, and provided insightful practices for dealing with stress and improving time management.

Jack BruceC.E.O. of BIS Benefits

I would recommend that all people speak with Kris for advice on how to juggle their personal lives with their business’s needs. It is hard to strike a balance between the two and Kris can show you how to do that as well as many other things to help you realize that life is for living, not existing!

Melissa JenningsCommercial Lines Producer, Stevenson, Shockley, Stevenson, Inc.

Kris is amazingly organized and thorough. She accomplishes objectives with compassion and sensitivity. She is amazing in her ability to connect closely with people from all walks of life. I recommend Kris highly…she has the gift of encouragement and being able to help people find and reach their calling.”

Adel ThalosAssociate Pastor, Presbyterian Church of the Redeemer