About Kris (Cavanaugh) Castro

As a Leadership Coach, Trainer, and DiSC Facilitator, Kris’ background includes over 20 years of experience training and mentoring individuals.  Her company, Shift Inc.™, specializes in helping people cultivate a C.E.O. mindset so their businesses, organizations, departments, and personal lives thrive.

She believes the key to a successful life begins with a person’s ability to manage their life in the same way a C.E.O. manages a company.  Kris is an expert strategist with an amazing ability to pull her clients through difficult challenges to obtain the results they truly desire both personally and professionally.

Why Would Your Company Hire Kris?
Kris (Cavanaugh) Castro helps companies engage their employees at a deeper level so they are contributing in more significant ways in order to increase a company’s bottom line and serve clients more effectively.  Shift Inc.™ is uniquely positioned to solve the needs of your company, resulting in:

  • Increased employee motivation
  • Improved productivity by aligning team performance with long-term company goals
  • Enhanced communication increasing team cohesion
  • Improved time management, stress management and organizational skills
  • More clearly defined job functions, empowering team leaders and staff to initiate and execute decisions quickly

Call 404-551-3601 to have Kris create a customized program to meet your company needs or click here to learn more about Kris’ DiSC workshops.

  • Being an information resource to journalists
  • Contributing articles to a variety of media outlets
  • Speaking Opportunities (either tele-conference or in person, anywhere in the world)
  • Networking opportunities
  • Developing relationships with people and organizations that value personal development programs

Phone: 404-551-3601

Email: kris@begintoshift.com.aepiph.dev

Website: www.BeginToShift.com