Author Interview with Alice Ludwig - "Your Breakthrough: Single to Married"

Is marriage on your heart or the heart of someone you care about?  If so, check out my interview with Alice Ludwig about her book, “Single to Married – Your Breakthrough Following Holy Spirit’s Guidance to ‘I Do’.”

You can purchase her book and connect with Alice using any (or all) of the links below the video

Book Purchase Links
1) Your Breakthrough Single to Married – Following Holy Spirit’s Guidance to “I Do”
2) Take God’s Hand with Breakthrough Scriptures: The Single to Married Edition 

Other Links to Connect with Alice:
– Website: SeeWord Ministries
– Instagram (2 accounts):
      1) @aliceludwig316
      2) @seewordministries
– YouTube Channel: SeeWord Media
– Facebook: SeeWord Ministries