I had the honor of being selected as a speaker for the Faith in Business Summit hosted by Kristina Jensen. According to Kristina, “Kris has one of the craziest adventures that I have ever heard – crazy AWESOME that is! So crazy she wrote a book about it! Get this: she put all her stuff in storage and took off on a cross country adventure, having no idea what she would do, because God told her to – and it all worked out beautifully. Kris introduces all of us to “Celebrate Recovery” which is like AA with Christian Principals. We talk about radical obedience in this story and what happens after the storm in your life. Kris’ story demonstrates to all of us that YOUR PAST IS NOT YOUR FUTURE. YOU determine your future by the choices you make today.”

Enjoy the interview! :)   If you are interested in having me speak to your group about this subject, please contact me at 404-551-3601 or email me at Kris @ BeginToShift .com.