Crazy Adventure Presentation


In the Summer of 2018 Kris Castro was invited on an Abraham-like adventure with the Lord. After several Gideon-style conversations, Kris realized she was being called into a new and radical level of trust in her relationship with Him. That “Crazy” road trip was exactly what she needed to step into her destiny for the next season of her life.

After driving almost 14,000 miles (11K in 3 months!) across the U.S., speaking at over 23 groups, posting all the God stories on her blog throughout her journey, and stopping at family and friends along the way, Kris is so thankful she said “YES” to the Lord.

The whole trip was Holy Spirit led with amazing Holy Spirit provision every time she needed a place to stay or money to cover gas, bills, and expenses! Living “one day at a time” (and sometimes one hour!) has been the best decision she ever made!

Take a few minutes to watch the video below to learn more about Kris’ “Crazy” Adventure. After hearing her story, invite Kris to visit your group as a catalyst to take them deeper into their relationship with the Lord. You can also  download a sample of her book or scroll to the end of the webpage to listen to a more in-depth interview.


Why Should You Care? :)   [A Note from Kris]:

As a former ministry leader, I know how hard it can be to cultivate a “hunger” within the people you serve for deeper intimacy with Jesus leading to more peace and joy in their everyday lives.  I have found that a desire often exists, but it is usually overshadowed by daily responsibilities and a lack of clarity of what “deeper intimacy” actually looks like.  Eric Liddell (the main character in the movie Chariots of Fire and author of The Disciplines Of The Christian Life) has a great perspective on that dilemma: “You will know as much of God, and only as much of God, as you are willing to put into practice.”  I learned that very lesson throughout my six month Adventure across the U.S.

Sometime during the middle of my journey I also began to sense there was an assignment attached to this “crazy” experience: To showcase the Lord’s faithfulness through all the divinely crazy things that happened as I deepened my intimacy with Him. 

As I’ve shared my story with friends, family and professional colleagues within my sphere of influence, my journey seems to have given people a tangible way to see “intimacy” with the Lord in action to help them deepen their faith, discover opportunities to partner with the Lord for Kingdom Impact within their sphere of influence, and provide hope/encouragement to those in difficult circumstances. 

If that message aligns with your goals, would you be interested in having me share my story with your group as a catalyst to open doors for your ministry team to disciple the people you serve into a deeper relationship with Jesus? 

Check out the Testimonies below from Leaders she met during her Adventure. You can also purchase Kris’ book, download sample chapters, or listen to a 30-minute interview about her Adventure by clicking on the links below.

During Kris’ Presentation Attendees Will: 

  • Learn the biblical concept of trusting the Lord and surrendering to His will in a deeper way
  • Encounter tangible examples of “intimacy” with the Lord through all the amazing stories that happened throughout the Adventure
  • Shift from merely experiencing life challenges towards having “adventure opportunities” with the Lord
  • Understand the benefits of fully stepping into a Matthew 6:25 lifestyle
  • Discover tangible faith growth opportunities both personally & professionally
  • (For Sessions Over A Few Days): Experience a deeper dive into all Kris’ adventure lessons, and have focused time to determine what their own adventure with the Lord might be in this season of their life

This Presentation is great for:

  • Retreats / Conferences                    
  • Women’s and Couple’s Groups
  • Sunday School / Wednesday Night Services                             
  • Christian Professional Groups and Organizations
  • Faith Organizations of any size

How To Invite Kris To Your Next Event:

Call Kris at 404-551-3601 or email the answers to the questions below to Kris @ BeginToShift .com (Kris will call you within 24-48 hours to discuss your event in more detail).

  1.  How many people will be attending Kris’ presentation?
  2.  Where will the presentation be held? (Location Name & City/State)
  3.  Is this a 60-min presentation or several sessions over a few days?

To buy Kris’ book showcasing the Lord’s faithfulness and all the divinely “crazy” things she experienced, click on the book picture above ($14 + tax and shipping).

To read a sample of the book, click here: Crazy Book Sample Chapters

Click here to watch a 7-minute version of Kris’ Story  .

To listen to a 30-minute interview about Kris’ Adventure journey, click here: Kris’ Interview with Carol Dunlop

Kris Cavanaugh Castro is passionate about making a difference in the lives of those around her by giving them hope, encouraging them in their challenging circumstances, and helping them transform their relationship with the Lord in a deeper way.  She describes herself as a Faithful Warrior, an Inspiring Visionary, and a Bold Change-Agent after 50 years of walking with the Lord through both joyful and extremely difficult seasons of her life.

Kris’s company, Shift Inc.™, creates possibility-rich environments filled with laughter, encouragement, and affirmation, leading to endless personal and professional growth opportunities to help others truly realize their identity in Messiah, achieve the destiny the Lord desired for their lives, enhance their potential, increase their confidence levels, and overcome obstacles more easily to achieve their heart’s desire in every area.  She absolutely loves coaching, training and mentoring others in a deeply transformative way using the Holy Spirit her guide.


“Kris Cavanaugh Castro stopped by Life Church in late October 2018. She was traveling through our area and asked if she could give her testimony at our Celebrate Recovery. At first I was a bit leery, but after reading her story and getting a chance to meet her, I knew God had led her to our group. Her testimony was exactly what several of our attendees needed to hear that night. She spoke with great clarity and you could feel the passion in her words. Her life-story is a true testimony of God’s faithfulness. If you are in need of a speaker for an event, or a testimony at your local recovery meeting, I would highly recommend Kris.”
– Cindy M., Life Church (Houston, TX)

 “I had the pleasure of meeting and housing Kris Cavanaugh Castro for a day over the Summer of 2018 when she spoke at our Celebrate Recovery meeting. Kris was very comfortable talking to our group, interacted well with everyone, and was a positive encouragement to those who spoke with her after the meeting.  I have confidence she will do well in whatever she feels God is leading her to do.”
– Dana P., Female CR at Leader at Lebanon Evangelical Free Church (Jonestown, PA) 

“Kris gave a professional presentation at a Recovery group I work with. She was punctual, positive, and encouraging. She connected well with many of our attendees.
– Seth T., Trained Recovery Coach (Amarillo, TX)