DiSC workshops help companies and organizations engage people at a deeper level through:discparts

  • Understanding their motivations, work habits and personality type
  • Clarifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Enhancing individual and team performance
  • Reducing conflict
  • Learning how and when to adapt their behavior
  • Improving communication
  • Promoting appreciation of differences

The Basics of DiSC®

DiSC® is a model of human behavior that helps people understand “why they do what they do.” The DiSC dimensions of behavior (Dominance, influencing, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness) make up the DiSC model and interact with other factors to describe the typical behavioral styles of individuals. Organizations worldwide have embraced the language of DiSC to pave the way for successful training, coaching, and consulting applications.   With 30 years of proven reliability and over 45 million users worldwide, DiSC® remains the most trusted and most widely used learning instrument in the industry.

Assessments include (additional assessments are available):

Everything DiSC® Workplace Assessment

Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders Profile

Everything DiSC® for Managers

Everything DiSC® for Sales Representatives

DiSC 363 for Leaders (360 Assessment Using DiSC)