Lead Upside Down Podcast - Episode 6: Eric Bents

Hi. My name is Kris Castro and this is the “Lead Upside Down” podcast where leaders share how they are leading in nontraditional ways based on Jesus’ leadership style.

Grab your favorite beverage and settle in to enjoy today’s podcast. And if anything resonates with you, feel free to click on my website (BeginToShift.com) and schedule a Coffee & Conversation meeting to chat more about it.

Today’s guest is Eric Bents, the founder and director of The Storehouse Movement. With 30 years of military experience as a senior officer in the US Air Force, Eric made major contributions to a variety of war and defense projects. His career included serving as nuclear Battle Watch Commander, cyber warfare officer, peacekeeping operations in Bosnia and detainee operations in Afghanistan, along with many other missions. The Storehouse Movement has served dozens of different businesses and non-profits across the U.S. and overseas. Eric is a sought-after consultant for organizational, state, and city leaders.

Feel free to connect with Eric using any (or all) of the links below.
– Email: thestorehousemovement@gmail.com
– Website: https://www.thestorehousemovement.com
– LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eric-bents-7977b414