Happy New Year, everyone!  2017 has arrived!

I’ve been watching social media posts over the last few days and – as always – the common theme seems to be “new goals for a new year.”

For me, setting and implementing goals is not a one-time a year event, but rather a lifestyle of continual growth — achievement by achievement — to improve my potential year after year.

Do I succeed all the time? NOPE!  Failure is typically part of the process.  But when something is important to me I keep moving past my failures and work towards the result I’m seeking until I achieve it in some form.  The only time that doesn’t happen is when I lack the true commitment needed to achieve it.

Without true commitment, all you have is a good intention….and good intentions aren’t enough.  Only deep commitment towards a desired result assures success over time!

May I suggest this year that you FORGET GOALS and instead MAKE COMMITMENTS? 

That minor adjustment in wording will (hopefully!) make it a bit harder for you to rationalize whatever excuses come up as you work towards the desired results you strive to achieve this year (remember, excuses are easily rationalized with a good intention…but not so easily with a commitment).

I’d love your feedback.  Please share your top 2017 goal and your thoughts about this blog post in the comment section below.

Wishing you much success and many blessings in 2017!


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