How to Encounter the Healing of God (interview with Patty Sadallah)

In my latest interview with Patty Sadallah, we chat about the second book in her new book series called “Experiencing Jesus.”  It’s titled “How to Encounter the Healing of God”.  You can learn more about it and view all of the media links at her website at .

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To learn more about Patty and buy the book, see her Bio below. ENJOY!! ~Kris


Patty Sadallah has a Doctorate of Ministry in Christian Leadership and Discipleship from Christian Leadership University; and more than 35 years’ experience serving faith-based nonprofit organizations and small groups as an Organization Development Consultant, Coach, Facilitator, Trainer and Bible Study Leader.

Patty is passionate about showing people how to encounter God personally so they may live their lives through faith in Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit. Her mission is to bring the message of the realness of God and the practicality of intimacy and relationship with God to the masses. She does this by incorporating media in her messages.