companyceomindset2Every employee a company hires has a variety of default patterns which determine how they act, think and react in various situations, and towards different types of people. Some of those default patterns serve them well….others may not.

Since employee performance and productivity is often affected by challenges inside and outside of work, it is to everyone’s advantage to make sure each employee learns to manage their entire life well by developing effective default patterns and cultivating skills similar to the way a successful C.E.O. manages a company.companyceomindset


In the same way C.E.O.s take full responsibility for their companies and maintain the necessary self-discipline and leaderships skills needed to confront any challenge –  when all your employees develop a C.E.O Mindset they become more enthusiastic and empowered because they have established reliable processes for setting, pursuing and achieving their goals. They have more energy and meet challenges with creativity and optimism. They also feel more in control which helps them overcome internal and external obstacles that may have hindered them in the past; and they begin to see those obstacles as challenges to be met and opportunities to be enjoyed instead of roadblocks which used to stop them in their tracks.

Developing a team of people who have a C.E.O. Mindset creates a culture of “excellence” across all areas of the organization leading to increased productivity, enhanced communication, and more motivated employees. It also makes your company more appealing, attracts higher value employees, and makes succession planning easier.

The best part of establishing a company culture focused on helping all employees develop a C.E.O. Mindset is that it continually pushes the business towards a higher level of success.

All it takes is a SHIFT in the way your employees think….and AMAZING things begin to happen!

What are the benefits a company experiences by investing in a C.E.O. Mindset Program? 

Your business and team begin performing like a gold medal athlete allowing the senior staff the freedom to create new strategies to reach their next level of success.  Each employee has a clear understanding of how their daily responsibilities connect to the company’s long-term goals, and all departments perform better together.  Because staff are taking more ownership of their roles, the business owner / Chief Executive Officer now has more time to get to know staff and clients better in order to deepen those relationships, build trust, and lay the groundwork for new levels of impact within their target market.

Other areas of improvement typically include:

  • Collaboration/Teamwork
  • Conflict Management / Resolution
  • Fostering Innovation
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Job Satisfaction & Enjoyment
  • Listening Skills
  • Partnering Across Boundaries
  • Self-Awareness / Self-Reflection
  • Employee Alignment/Engagement
  • Productivity
  • Building Relationships
  • Communication Skills
  • Increased Accountability
  • Building Team Morale / Team Retention
  • Decision Making
  • Delegating / Goal Setting
  • Building Enthusiasm
  • Stress Management

Additional benefits:  Retaining top talent, more engaged employee, deeper levels of trust and alignment with senior level management, and better connections between all employees which encourages feedback and open communication.  Every employee is also naturally aligned with your mission and values which generally reduces turnover.

What is the benefit to an individual employee by investing time in a C.E.O. Mindset Program? 

Developing more effective default patterns gives people an edge in both life and work because they function more effectively in most situations and maneuver through challenges more easily….leading to more success and fulfillment throughout their lifetime.

When an employee chooses to invest and commit their time to a C.E.O. Mindset Program they will stand out among other employees due to a higher skillset and dedication to professional development.  During the program, as they develop a variety of leadership skills and begin practicing more productive default patterns, those employees will naturally improve their performance and become highly skilled candidates to be considered for internal promotional opportunities and/or merit-based salary increases.

Why choose Kris Cavanaugh Castro to help your company SHIFT to a C.E.O. Mindset Culture?

kris-120x150Kris Cavanaugh Castro, owner of Shift Inc., is an International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified Executive and Leadership Coach, Trainer and Facilitator. Her background includes over 20 years of experience training and mentoring individuals to produce more consistent results and increase their effectiveness so their organizations, departments, businesses, and personal lives thrive.

Kris is an expert strategist with an amazing ability to pull her clients through difficult challenges to achieve their long-term goals more easily and consistently.  Through her programs, Kris’ clients experience a deeper sense of well-being and satisfaction at work and at home. Kris looks forward to developing relationships with all her clients, and truly loves watching them transform dramatically during the coaching process.

Career Snapshot:

  • Leveraged multi-functional skills to attain corporate and non-profit positions in operations, relationship management, training, and program/project management.
  • Created and delivered training programs to organizations and companies across the United States including: Center for Disease Control (CDC), AT&T, Small Business Association (SBA), Banfield Pet Hospital / Petsmart, Kiwanis Georgia Leadership Conference, and Vistage (National Executive Group).
  • Built and led highly productive teams, exceeding targeted objectives.
  • Skilled at troubleshooting problems, advising people of options, and building client relationships.
  • Gifted in “making things happen” to achieve significant progress in situations where there seems little hope for success.
  • Creative communicator with strong presentation skills.
  • Proficient at discerning individual learning abilities and adapting training methods to maximize effectiveness.
  • Excellent writing and strategic thinking abilities.
  • High-energy, results-oriented, well-organized self-starter with ability to multi-task in a team player, deadline-driven environment.

Core Values:  Shift Inc. and Kris Cavanaugh Castro hold high standards of integrity, excellence, sincerity, and honesty which are the four cornerstones that lay the foundation for every possibility-rich environment designed to be filled with laughter, encouragement, and affirmation, leading to endless professional and personal growth opportunities.

How can you get started?

Give Kris Cavanaugh Castro a call at 404-551-3601 or email her at Info @ BeginToShift .com.