When it comes to living your life, there’s more than enough advice to be given (whether you want it or not). It seems everywhere we look there’s someone telling you what to do, or how not to do something.

At this point you may head over to the self-help section of the bookstore or library or start doing some research online, and what hits you is an overwhelming wave of information. It can be a little hard to deal with at first.

So I have compiled a simple, quick guide for you on taking back control of your life. These 6 tips are practical, adaptable for each person, and relevant for most situations and needs when attempting to gain control of your life!

If you’ve got anything to add, drop us a comment below!

TIP #1: Self-Discipline

I know this word strikes fear in most people’s hearts. It’s an unpopular word, but it’s something everyone needs. Nothing was ever completed without self-discipline. As soon as you make it a value in your life, your goals will come to you faster. You’ll also feel better about yourself and more accomplished. As you master self-discipline, new goals and habits won’t seem so hard to you anymore.

TIP #2: Unlock Your Unique Abilities

The next step is to figure out who you are and what special talents you bring to this world. If you’re inclined to say you don’t have any talent, you’re dead wrong. Everyone’s unique in terms of what they offer. Sometimes it’s just a little hard to see.

What is it that you do and enjoy? Are there skills, abilities and activities that come more easily to you than other people? A good tip is to reflect on comments people have mentioned to you about yourself. Maybe you have a knack for remembering people’s names, or maybe someone’s commented on your ability to be a good peace-keeper at home or work.

TIP #3: Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone

You won’t grow unless you force yourself to -and it’s not always going to be comfortable. In fact, some of the best personal growth comes from doing things you’re afraid of or nervous to do. Once you breach this barrier, your comfort zone will grow and grow until you can do anything.

No one has ever done a great thing without stepping out of their (self-limiting) comfort zone. What are some activities you shy away from now that would be helpful for you in your personal or professional life if removed?

TIP #4: Set Goals You Will Actually Achieve

We all want to set Big Hairy Audacious Goals, and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t. But the problem is that sometimes we set goals incorrectly. We tend to think of goals as these achievements that we can only enjoy in the future. But what about the process? Will setting Goal X benefit you right this very moment? It’s time to think of the present.

It’s not about how big the goal is, but how you perceive the goal in the present moment. Learn to enjoy the journey to achieving your goals!

TIP #5: Keep Your Energy Up

Now to do all of these steps you’re gonna need some energy! And we’re not talking about just eating a healthy breakfast. So do what you need to do to keep yourself refreshed, rejuvenated, happy, and brimming with energy. This could mean going for a jog, meditating, or recharging your batteries with a quick nap.

TIP #6: Find Your Dream Business or Career

Alright, this is where things can get a little tricky. All of the social conditioning we’ve received has been this: get a job, go to work, time = money. But that might not be so true anymore.

This tip really depends on your personality and what you want out of life. Do you want to work for someone else and be part of a company, or do you want to work for yourself? Do you absolutely dread getting out of bed every morning, or are you excited about the possibilities awaiting you today in your work or career? What interests excite you, and what topic do you talk about all the time with your friends because it’s interesting to you?

Start looking for opportunities to begin moving towards that career, or looking for ways to make money on the side to start with.

If you will take these 6 quick tips to heart, and inject some positive action behind them (a little every day) – you will be on the path to living your life on purpose! And doesn’t that make you feel good?

So, now that you’ve read the information above, how are you going to use this it to make 2010 a fantastic year for your life and your business or career?

Please take a moment and share your ideas in the comment section below.
Enjoy the rest of your day!  ~ Kris


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