In today’s fast-paced world, people want service providers to honor their time and their money.  Unfortunately, and sadly, that type of service doesn’t happen often which is why amazing customer service needs to be shouted from the rooftops when a person does experience it!   And precisely why I am writing this blog post about the amazing customer service I’ve been receiving from one of the guys in my network.
I met Jason Marler, owner of  First Aid Computers, in mid-2008 when I joined a local networking group called Powercore.  Jason has clients all over the country.  His motto is “quality and affordable computer services for the home and office,” and I promise you I’ve experienced it…over and over again.
One of the many amazing things about Jason is that his computer service is not just a job to him.  He truly cares about his clients and knows his service keeps his client’s computers (and computer servers) optimized so they can serve their clients more effectively.  Most businesses use computers for some aspect of what they do, which is why having an amazing computer technician in your network is an integral part of being an effective business owner.
Another amazing thing about Jason is that he honors his client’s time and their money.  Whenever I’ve called Jason for help, he always works me into his schedule as soon as he can.  If it’s an emergency, he’ll even fit me in during an evening or weekend time frame.
My latest “amazing customer service” story with Jason happened a few days ago.  My laptop has been running slow for quite some time and I’ve been very close to tossing it out the window.  I asked Jason to remote into my computer to take a look and optimize it however he could.  Jason spent a few hours on it Saturday morning and when he was done he told me to call if I had any issues.   A few hours later I noticed that something was off with my database system and called him to check in.  Jason carved out time during Saturday night to remote back into my computer to see what was wrong.  After analyzing my computer for about 60-90 minutes, it turned out that “I” was the problem (I had inadvertently deleted a number of files by accident without even knowing it), and not the optimization process he performed earlier that day.   I thanked Jason profusely for his time and guess what….AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE…he didn’t even charge me for his late night service call!!!
About a week later my computer was still having some issues and Jason suggested adding more memory to see if that would help speed things up a bit.  He purchased the memory cards and dropped by to add them to my computer.  After analyzing my computer speed he saw there were systems running in the background of my computer that might be slowing it down and said to give him a call if the additional memory did not fix the problem.  Before he left I asked him what I owed him.  He replied, “Just pay me for the memory cards.”   Once again…AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE.   I padded the invoice a bit to reflect my appreciation and told him I’d call him in a few days if things didn’t improve. 
An hour later Jason called me to see if he could stop by over the weekend to try out an idea he had to attempt to get to the bottom of my computer issue.  Then Saturday morning Jason was back at my office and spent another 90-minutes testing the processing systems to determine which ones were giving me issues.   When he was finished he told me he’d call me in a few days to see if the computer was running any better.   I then asked him how much I owed him and he said, “Nothing.”   Once again, AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE. 
Bill Cates has a book called “Unlimited Referrals.”  In the “Create Legendary Service” chapter he references Barbara Glanz’s book called “Building Customer Loyalty.”   Glantz says customers want four things (and I completely agree with her):
1. Friendly, caring service.
2. Flexibility.
3. Problem solving.
4. Recovery.
Jason gets high scores in each category!  He is worth every penny I pay him. I trust him completely, and know he’ll do a good job every time, which is why  I am an extremely loyal customer and refer him to everyone I know.  So if you do not currently have a computer technician in your network, or you are unhappy with the service you are currently receiving, GIVE JASON A CALL AT (404) 510-6043 or go to his website at   As I said, he has clients all over the country, so don’t let geography stop you from hiring him.  He has some really great small business packages you should consider.
Amazing customer service develops a solid foundation for a multitude of personal and professional referral opportunities.  Be thinking this week about how you can better serve the people around you in order to provide amazing customer service that will be remembered for years to come..  Who knows….someday you may end up being promoted in some one’s Ezine because of it.
THANK YOU AGAIN, JASON!!   As always, I really appreciate you! 
Now that you’ve read my Amazing Customer Service story,  how are you going to use this information to make 2010 a fantastic year for your your business or your personal life?
Please take a moment and share your ideas in the comment section below.

Enjoy the rest of your day!  ~ Kris


Kris Cavanaugh, owner of ShiftTM, is a Speaker, Author, and Coach who specializes in helping others cultivate a C.E.O. mindset in every area of their life so their businesses, careers, and personal lives thrive. She is an expert strategist with an amazing ability to pull her clients through difficult challenges to obtain the life they truly want personally and professionally. If you have a desire to live your life “on purpose” so you wake up every day excited about the possibilities and maintain an unwavering belief that you will overcome any obstacles to achieve your personal and professional goals more easily and consistently, then click on the following link ( to receive her C.E.O. Shift Ezine.  You can also schedule a complimentary meeting to learn more about how a coaching program can help you stay on track to achieve your 2010 goals.

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