When people subscribe to my C.E.O. Shift Ezine, full of information and resources to achieve a thriving quality of life personally & professionally, they answer the following question as part of the subscription process: “Please list a few topics you would like to read about over the coming months which would allow me to help you enhance your life in some way.”

In the last seven days I have received over 160 new subscribers, and it was amazing to see that many of them wanted information about how to enhance their self-esteem, increase their self-value, or learn to believe in themselves.    Each of those three items relate to self-confidence. 

Without confidence in yourself, your esteem, value, and belief in your abilities plummets causing life to feel like a constant struggle.  When that happens long enough a sense of paralysis sets in and fear begins to rule your life.  Then once fear takes charge, it is really hard to change your situation because taking necessary risks to move past difficult personal or professional circumstances becomes increasingly unbearable.

In contrast, when you do have confidence in yourself despite difficult circumstances, life feels challenging but there is always a deep certainty within you that success is just around the corner.   Instead of paralysis, you feel complete freedom in making your choices (even if you don’t necessarily like them) because you know you are doing the best you can at that moment.  Fear may appear, but you refuse to allow it to control you, and take whatever meaningful risks you need to in order to move forward with your personal or professional life — trusting that everything will work out fine eventually.

Self-Confidence is the key to success because it is the only thing you can truly control, and its power is so great it can carry you forward  in any circumstance.

People who have a high degree of self-confidence exhibit these qualities:

— Stay positive even in adversity   
— Ignore self-doubt when it appears  
— Recover quickly from challenges    
— Deal effectively with others emotions, including anger and frustration    
— Do not “put on a mask” and freely express their personality in any environment

Life is full of challenges and the more confidence you have in yourself, the easier it will be to face and overcome them.

If you are interested in enhancing your confidence levels, please give me a call at 404-551-3601 or email me at kris@begintoshift.com.aepiph.dev.  My coaching programs are designed to enhance your personal skills so that you thrive more consistently in both your personal and professional life.  

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Have a wonderful day, and don’t forget to keep your eyes open for all the amazing possibilities within and around you!


Kris Cavanaugh
C.E.O. Catalyst & Life Coach

12 thoughts on “Confidence – The Key to Overcoming Life’s Challenges Effectively”

  1. I really liked reading about Confidence – The Key to Overcoming Life’s Challenges Effectively | Shift and thought it was well worth the read. The only other site I found on Google wasnt as good as this one, thanks.

  2. I admit, I have not been on this webpage in a long time… however it had been an additional pleasure to see It is such an essential topic and ignored by so numerous, even professionals. I thank you to assist making people more aware of possible issueExcellent stuff as typical…

  3. Kris,

    I can’t speak much to the topic of improving your self-esteem, but I can tell you this. My life changed dramatically once I was able to improve my self-esteem and confidence levels.

    You find yourself living a “happier” life and you will also find yourself performing better at work, performing better in your relationships and so on. it especially helped me when I was on the job hunt.

    Going into a job interview confident and with the right self-esteem makes all the difference in the world.

    I hope your subscribers take you up on your coaching programs–I think they’ll find the differences in their lives to be far-reaching and beyond their expectations!

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