Hello everyone!

Welcome to my new blog.  If you haven’t yet seen my new website, click on “Shift Inc. Home Page” (in the Site Links menu) to check it out.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you over the months to come.

I’m always open to suggestions, so please feel free to let me know what topics you would like to me post about.

Have a fabulous day!   Thanks again for visiting my blog!

~ Kris Cavanaugh, CEO Catalyst & Life Coach, www.begintoshift.com

2 thoughts on “Welcome Letter From Kris Cavanaugh”

  1. Hello there, ?? (you didn’t include your name in the post).

    What were you searching for? I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I’ll be shring lots of information about how to achieve a “Thriving” quality of life onto to my readers.

    Have a fabulous day. ~ K

  2. I was just searching around about this when I came by your post. I’m simply dropping by to say that I definitely liked reading this post, it’s really well written. Are you considering writing more on this? It appears like there’s more fodder here for future posts.

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