Hi all! Today’s post is a video. Click on the picture below and it will play.  Check out the word on the truck behind me as it passes by (I didn’t even see it until I watched the video later that day). 

I love it when the Lord sends me a personal message to show me He’s pleased I’m not letting anything steal my joy on this trip!   Sorry the video is a bit jumpy. It’s the first time I’ve used my phone to make a video.

I’ll do a better job of holding it steady the next time I create one. Blessings and favor to you!  Have a great rest of your day! 



Feel free to comment as I blog (as long as it’s relevant to what I’m writing…no spam or sales pitches, please).  I may not be able to answer all of your comments, but know I appreciate your taking the time to participate in my adventure through submitting them.

7 thoughts on “G-d Adventure Sabbatical: Video – I LOVE NY! (#5 in Series)”

  1. I’m so glad that you have taken the challenge and are so happy about it! Very proud for you.

    I’m hanging in – working on a chapter a day.

    Cindy Pope

  2. O My Stars, Kris! That icrecream JOY truck drive by was hilarious! That was God winking at you, telling you that He loves you and is with you on this joy journey!

  3. How exciting! You’ve got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy down in your heart!
    Love how God is showing up for you!

    Praying Eph 6:10-18 for you girl!

  4. Joy in the journey ! And it is all over your face…go forth in joy and be led in praise.

  5. Love this. May the Father rekindle all the great memories of your past and bringing you into the “new you” as you reconnect with all things of Him. By the way, i am sure you know that the 18 wheeler that passed behind you in this video was JOY and you said that you were experiencing JOY on this journey. Hilarious. Let your testimony shine brightly. In His Joy.

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