Kris Castro Interviewed on the Joy-Led Business Podcast!

Click on the media player to listen to Kris’ interview on Tina Joy Cochran’s Joy-Led Business Podcast.  Then check out the show notes below that for more details.  ENJOYI!   :)

Join us on a unique journey of faith and trust in this inspiring episode of the Joy-Led Business podcast. Listen in as host, Tina Joy Cochran, engages in a heart-to-heart conversation with Kris Castro—a woman whose remarkable path led her from the darkest periods of life to becoming a certified coach and passionate faith teacher. Discover how Kris channeled her healing and faith to create a significant shift in her personal and professional life. You’ll find her saga of transformation a profound source of inspiration to face your own challenges. Tune in, get ready for a wild ride, and witness how bold faith can open doors you never saw coming!

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Show Notes:

  • Introduction: Meet Kris Castro, our special guest, and learn about her unique journey.
  • Darkest Moments: Kris shares the challenging periods of her life and how she navigated through them.
  • Faith and Healing: Explore how Kris’s faith played a crucial role in her healing and transformation.
  • Business Success: Discover how Kris transitioned from her struggles to becoming a certified coach.
  • Becoming a Faith Teacher: Learn about Kris’s passion for teaching faith and how it impacts her life and others.
  • Takeaways for Listeners: Key lessons from Kris’s journey that can inspire and guide you in your own challenges.
  • Closing Thoughts: Final reflections on the power of faith and transformation in personal and professional life.

Tune in to this episode of the Joy-Led Business podcast to be inspired by Kris Castro’s crazy leap of faith and discover how you can take one too!

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