We all go through really difficult circumstances, and people often wonder how someone got through it – especially if the situation was really messy. This video series is designed to provide encouragement for those currently going through their own “messy middle” situations in order to show how others how they made it to the other side, and how Jesus shows up to help when you choose to surrender your circumstances to Him. Today’s guest is David Kahle, a speaker, consultant and author. His contact information is below, If you were encouraged by this interview, please share it with your social network. To learn more about Kris Castro, go to www.BeginToShift.com. To set up a conversation with Kris about speaking at an event or investing in a coaching program, call 404-551-3601.

DAVE’S CONTACT LINKS Websites:  1) www.davekahle.com 2) www.thesalesresourcecenter.com  3) www.thebiblicalbusiness.com LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com//in/davekahle Twitter: https://twitter.com/davekahle

1 thought on ““SHIFT-ing Through The Messy Middle” with Guest, Dave Kahle”

  1. Very encouraging story showing God’s faithfulness. It is sometimes so hard for us to let go and let God. But as we learn to do just that, WOW!! How He blesses us beyond our wildest imagination.

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