It’s been just under 3 months since writing my last blog post. My Adventure with the Lord, externally and internally, has truly changed my life! When I think about the complexity of everything that’s happened over the last 6 years, it feels like I’m sitting in a theater watching a movie – shifting from emotional highs to emotional lows as the story twists and turns in ways I couldn’t even imagine. And I’m still waiting eagerly to see how my latest story is going to turn out. :) 

But here’s one thing I know, regardless of the uncertainty of it all.  I would NOT trade the experiences I’ve gone through for anything – no matter how heartbreaking and broken I became…..because in those experiences I’ve radically changed and continue to grow into the woman I was always meant to become.

For those of who you may have found your way to this blog and don’t know anything about me, I recently published a book called “Crazy” Might Be A Blessing In Disguise which contains all the stories that happened during my Holy Spirit adventure with the Lord.  It’s been absolutely incredible watching the Lord intensely grow my faith leaps and bounds through an Adventure I never would have imagined.

Currently, in this season of my life, the Lord has chosen to grow my faith through a Manna experience similar to Exodus 16 where He only provides what I need when I need it.  Trusting the Lord for my “Daily Bread” has been both exciting and also frustrating at times – especially when there are bills on my desk staring me in the face every day with no logical way to pay for them.

And that is the problem – I can not approach the uncertainty in my life from a logical perspective. Instead I must get up every day and remember I serve a G-d who has unlimited resources and an unlimited bank account, fully capable of snapping of His fingers to deliver anything I need in a nanosecond.

After watching the Lord meet all (and I mean ALL) my needs during my “Crazy” 12K Adventure, I have gained a deeper sense of peace that He loves me too much to withhold anything I need. I have also developed a much better attitude of surrendering the “how” to Him – focusing instead of the “what” He wants me to do as I’m waiting for the provision to appear.  Sometimes He wants me to just rest in His love, or help someone He puts in my path, or just continue the last thing He told me to do; and other times He’ll remain silent as a test to grow my faith even more deeply than before (it’s never meant as punishment, but always as a growth opportunity).

The other day I was talking to the Lord about my finances.  Rent was due in a week along with a few other bills the following week, and my bank account was short $300 to cover it. I’ve experienced too many “Hail Mary” moments with the Lord where provision has showed up at the very last moment. So that morning during my conversation with the Lord I said, “I know you see the bills on my desk, and I know you will pay them. I’m curious, Lord, how are you going to do it this time?”  As I approached the Lord in that moment with child-like wonder because of the amazing provision experiences I’ve had over the last few years, I suddenly blurted out with a joyful smile, “It’s almost like you are playing Hide and Seek with me.”

Then suddenly Proverbs 25:2 came to my mind which says, “It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out.”  Which, in essence, was His confirmation that He was indeed playing Hide & Seek with me.  :)  That revelation totally made me laugh out loud with GLEE!  My whole attitude about financial uncertainty suddenly shifted to an even deeper place of peace.

The Lord was reminding me that His provision is always there even when I can’t see it. He HIDES it to give me the opportunity to choose to SEEK Him rather than worrying about how it will arrive.  Every time I choose Him, rather than striving to fix it myself, it’s a divine set up to give me more confidence, perseverance, and courage to face the next difficult situation coming down the path within my life story.

Because of this new Hide and Seek revelation, I now have a whole new approach when uncertainty appears in my life.  Instead of worrying, I can take a moment to rebuke my anxiety, decree divine provision, then metaphorically put on my sneakers, close my eyes, count to 10, and begin playing Hide and Seek with the Lord, trusting what I need will appear in His perfect timing.   

Go get your sneakers right now, put them on, and do the same. The Lord is just waiting for you to show up with Child-like faith to lead you to a deeper level of intimacy with Him.

I hope this blog post was a blessing to you.  If so, please write a comment below.  And if you happen to be interested in learning more about my “Crazy” Adventure with the Lord feel free to contact me via email or phone.  Blessings to you!  ~Kris :)

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  1. Your blog is inspirational & an encouragement in the way we can view how the Lord presents Himself in our lives. The journey can be challenging, but I like how you put a playful spin on it.

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